Our Team of Certified Doulas


Kate migyanko

Founder & DOULA

I have always been drawn to the birth stories and experiences of the women in my life, but my fascination with breastfeeding, pregnancy, and birth truly started during my birthing experience and breastfeeding journey with my daughter, Ivy, and continued into my pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding journey with my son, Nash. I was heavily impacted by how pivotal my care providers were in how I felt about the experience as a whole. The level of support I received left a lasting impression.

Since then, I have realized her birth experience is one of the most transformative things a woman can go through. I have also realized that not all women are met with the same level of support from care providers as I was.

This is why I entered into birth work. 

The confidence gained through a supported birth experience helps mothers trust in themselves and grow in self-confidence.  I approach each day mindful of the importance of honoring my clients, and treating them with the dignity and compassion that they so deserve.


Kristie Breakiron


Bio coming soon.


Jenn lOGAN


Pregnancy and childbirth is truly one of Mother Nature’s miracles. I believe women should feel empowered and strengthened through their journey. My passion is to stand by a mother’s side and help provide her with support, encouragement, and comfort. The birth experience of my daughter, Claire, has led me to where I am today. Shortly after her birth, I realized I needed to pursue my passion. Through training, I became a Doula— a mother's handmaiden. I had a plan in my head for how I wanted my birth experience to go. Of course, life doesn’t happen the way we envision. I had a Doula standing by my side and it was her support and encouragement that contributed to my sense of empowerment. Every birth journey is unique and it is important each mother writes her own story— not molding into someone else’s. As a Doula, I want to help educate, advocate, encourage, and support mothers as they experience the beautiful journey of bringing life into our world. A mother should take great pride in her body’s capabilities and I plan on helping her achieve this.