Start avoiding gestational diabetes pre-pregnancy, research says

Researchers have found for the first time that drinking more than 5 servings of sugar-sweetened cola a week prior to pregnancy appears to significantly elevate the risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy.

Link to study

What this tells me is good news for those of you not yet pregnant: you may have the opportunity, right now, to significantly lower your chances of gestational diabetes by watching what you eat, especially being careful to watch your intake of added sugars. Why care if you get gestational diabetes while you are pregnant? Women with gestational diabetes have a higher risk of bigger babies, induction of labor, cesarean birth and premature birth. More than that, if you’ve had gestational diabetes, you double your chances of developing regular diabetes later.  There is a statistical correlation that shows that your baby may also grow to develop diabetes or obesity later in life.

Of course, sugar intake isn’t the only thing to blame for GD, but it is one small way to try and lower our chances of disease in pregnancy.  And lowering our sugar intake is good for all kids of health reasons – for pregnancy and beyond!